«BONDA» — Religious soviet mafia in the USA.

27 января 2020


This film consists of materials that were obtained as a result of many years of struggle with the religious mafia in the United States. Everything that you see and hear is just one of the many episodes of the parasitic existence of the gangster elite of the «Bethany» church in Sacramento, California, USA, which is both inhuman and dangerous for American society.

«Now look at the last moment when our brothers prayed and blessed our business».

«My name is Nikolay Feitser and I am pleased to welcome our investors and viewers who will watch this videotape». As a reference point, we will use this videotape. It was not easy to get this unique archive footage as it contains some serious evidence in today’s time. The pastor of the Pentecostal Church «Bethany», Nikolay Feitser, talks about the very beginning of the construction of the financial pyramid to deceive the saints naïve enough to believe in them. «It had so happened that last year we opened up three businesses: first a surgical one, then afterwards a clinic and then an MRI». On this cassette, Nikolay Feitser gives a tour of the surgical clinic. This was the first so-called fraud business. Please note- the clinic, according to Feitser, had opened last year but there are still no patients in it. There are no doctors, however, there is a manager who speaks eloquently and makes grand demonstrations. Let’s stop at the room, which she calls the primary surgery room.

 Guests right from the street, in boots, without dressing gowns, masks, hats, or protective gear of any kind, are taken to where the most sterile place of the clinic should be. Nobody even washed their hands. Afterwards, the guests were entertained with the scalpels and shown to the doctor’s office. As the manager remarked embarrassedly «This is a very modest office: only a monitor is from the computer, and really, why does a doctor need a computer? »

Deception and turns had to be made quickly, therefore… «We decided to expand our business, not only towards California, but also in Boise, ID and Seattle, WA».

Here begins the most obscure part of the scheme. Feizer and the gang decided to play on MRI technology. Here, his accomplice, Peter Solodko says: «People don’t know what this Stand-Up MRI is, to some extent; this is a plus, not a minus».

Naturally, he considers this a plus because future investors can tell any tale. In 2004, magnetic resonance imaging seemed like a miracle because just a year earlier, American chemist Paul Lauterbur and British physicist Peter Mansfield received the Nobel Prize for developing this technology. Nikolay Feitser did not show the operation of the Stand-Up MRI machine in an advertisement for his pyramid but boasted that he had installed a new transformer for its operation. «Now look at the last moment when our brothers prayed and blessed our business». To bless the fraud, and later to actively participate in it, came 14 pastors from three states: California, Washington and Oregon. «Come in the work of our hands. May Thy work be shown on Thy servants, and Thy glory be on their sons». The Lord said: «On your sons». Well, where without the main person in «Bethany» Adam Semenovich Bondaruk. Saying «on your sons», the false bishop acquired Peter Solodko and the cassette went to the hands of pastors. And those in turn, took up the parishioners. The scheme is simple — bring in money in this medical business — you receive dividends. They promised 10% of the installment. They didn’t take less than $50,000.00. Lex Liberty employees traveled more than one state and got acquainted with the fate of investors. «In 2004, there was talk around the church that someone found money to help Russians invest money and Feitser, a pastor from Bethany, and Sergey Poonka and Bondaruk, they all said — we want to help the Russian people so that in our old age, we have some kind of extra money. To this end, we need to invest 50 thousand dollars into the company». All cases mentioned in this film are transferred to the Securities and Exchange Commission and while the FBI is determining the pyramid participants, we are forced to change voices and hide some faces. People are afraid of physical violence for good reason. We list only three suspicious deaths. On December 4, 2011: the manager of the Bethany church Victor Chernetsky died from a hemorrhage in the brain. Five days before, he suddenly lost consciousness immediately after the fraternal meeting and did not come to his senses. However, after the meeting, Victor had to secretly pass church documents to the FBI confirming the crimes of Adam Bonda’s hand connected with the pyramid. On September 23, 2018, Ivan Fedyukov died in a car accident. The guard of the Bethany church invested $150,000.00 in the pyramid scheme and after the deceit, told everything to the journalists of The Sacramento Bee. The man who was not afraid to reveal the religious mafia was 73 years old. That is what remains of his car. Bruce Fred Friedman, a man who invested $80,000.000.00 million in the pyramid, suddenly died in prison. Moreover, it is worth noting – this had also happened in Paris. Using the pastoral authority, the organizers of the pyramid went to the houses of the parishioners and knew exactly how much money could be squeezed out of whom. «We gave 50 thousand to Nikolay Feitser four times, and he came to our house many more times, persuading, cajoling, speaking but he did not tell the whole truth». When the truth surfaced, people certainly tried to get their money back, to no avail.  The conditions for survival in the pyramid were brazenly set for them: hand over your friends and then you will leave yourself. «I went to Nikolai Feitser and asked – return the money to us. He refused us, said – bring people to your place and then I will return it to you». An eloquent fact, isn’t it?! If Bondaruk, Feitser and all their accomplices in their indignity trampled upon God’s laws — what is an old acquaintance to them?! Their usual source of profit as brothers in Christ, and even more so, these criminals robbed friends whilst competing with each other. «I met Nikolay Feitser long before he suggested that I invest in MRI. I thought that it was connected with medicine and would be a good investment. I took a $350,000.00 mortgage out on my house and invested in this business». That is, people who believed in pastors brought them not only every last penny but deceived investors also borrowed money from a bank. How to secure a considerable loan? — Everything is simple — the pastor was prompted. «In 2004, my husband and I took a house loan in the bank in the amount of $100,000 and invested this money into companies in 2006, and we were told that things were going wrong with these companies, which could even lead to bankruptcy. To prevent this from happening, these companies were merged into one with the name Consolidated Healthcare Services LLC and we had to sign the page of a new contract, which we did not see at the time we signed». Yes, people who were constantly under psychological pressure signed the contract blindly. Only then did they receive the document itself. The scheme, in which initially the first months someone really received payments, made it possible to draw in gullible Americans into it, as let’s say it happened with Peter Trench, a relative of Bondaruk boasted that they already got it and Peter himself asked for a pyramid, gladly brought $ 50,000.00. Then they did the same with the American, as with everyone else. Look at how thick the document is that he’s about to sign. Recall, no one has certified translations. Can you read and understand 400 pages without a translator? Often the contract was completely empty. Nikolay Malamura. His late wife gave Bondaruk $50,000.00 as she dreamed of this as a way to pay for her children’s education. I invested it in disbelief and in the end, I realized that we were very «beautifully and well circled» and fooled. Now five children are left in debt. Specifically, in this story it is important that the wife of Nikolay, Nina Malamura, as a child, went to the church in which Adam Bondaruk was a pastor. It was in Estonian Kohtla-Järve, and the more difficult it was for investors, the easier it was for the pyramid organizers. «We are immigrants, we did not know English, and we came to a foreign country. We believed that he was our man, our church, a prominent person, being a pastor. Most importantly, I went through the entire hierarchy all the way to the pastors. Their families campaigned, did what they wanted, and people believed him because he was a pastor». This woman’s name is Nadezhda Rospotnyuk. She is the mother of five children and the wife of the pastor of the «Bethany Church». Their family brought $200,000.00 to the pyramid. When the doctors diagnosed Nadezhda with cancer, she urgently needed money but no one from the top of the religious mafia would help the family of her pastor. Eventually, everyone found out that the organizers had returned their investments a long time ago. Completely. Naturally, it had come from the money of the investors. «Why did Bondaruk and his sister return their money and even more than that!?» Adam Bondaruk joyfully ran his hands into the pockets of representatives of other religious faiths.

Here is the word of the Baptist pastor: «Adam Bondaruk lived next to me, not so far, one might say about 400 meters, practically neighbors, and when I visited them, his wife Galina said: «We also invested money. We have invested 150 thousand; I think it will be interesting to you». — I say — of course, if that makes sense, then I am also ready to sacrifice and try to have some kind of support in the future. And I believed, because if Bondaruk agreed, if Feitser so authoritatively stated then what to me? These people are familiar.

If we show everyone who has spoken with us, then this film would drag on for more than a day. The Slavic families alone numbered more than 200. Many have already died before -justice, have +-lost the house under which they took a loan, and are now forced to pay interest. Here is perhaps the most striking such case: Paul Kislyanka brought criminals more than $ 3,000.000.00 million. He took the money, as advised by the bank, under his 7 houses which he rented out. As a result, they were all confiscated for non-payment. Now Paul, who is 77 years old, lives in a rented apartment and works at a construction site. Thus, the American banking system was damaged because the homes to be sold at a lower cost. We hope that by this moment you have an understanding. The religious mafia did not reckon with anyone, including robbing the elderly, who, according to our American laws, are considered particularly vulnerable, «Vulnerable Adult» If one of them did try to find justice, he would only receive threats in response. That is how it has always been in the church of Bondaruk. Fast forward to the nineties. This person’s name is Vladimir Vorontsov. Now he speaks with difficulty, but at one time, he played an active role in the fraternal council of Bethany. Moreover, he helped Bondaruk with the money — he gave a considerable amount of money for the so-called «storage». When he tried to return them and wrote a letter to the owner of Bethany, he received a threat in return. «I want to remind you that the check will also reveal your considerable funds that you invested in the Church for preservation, having hidden it from the Welfare and the SSI. This is not in your best interests and the consequences for you can be completely unpredictable». Bondaruk began to take his revenge and destroyed the family of Vladimir Vorontsov — such is the cost to now look at the top of «Bethany», with open eyes. Bondaruk had once declared at a fraternal meeting that the church is his business, the church became his business, and it is not surprising that he should begin to make money through the church in various ways. Then in the late nineties, a false bishop, Adam Bondaruk, met with a retired military officer, Albert Wilson, who owned the building of the sports complex of the deserted air force base. He sells the building to the false bishop, which in time will become the Bondaruk almshouse that will turn into a real factory of deceit that tramples on all laws: biblical, American, and universal. «We speak with the owner of the sports complex, Albert Wilson, and we hold the sports complex as the first miracle. Albert Wilson is the second miracle! An amazing person». The man is truly amazing. First: Albert Wilson is an officer. Secondly — a pensioner. And thirdly, an angelically trusting person who believed that he was doing a good deed: he turned the neglected building into a house of prayer meeting for internally displaced persons. Albert Wilson acted as a lender because the bank would not approve an amount of $ 5,425.000.00 to the refugee immigrant community. How did Adam Bondaruk respond to such kindness? Of course, it was a hoax! The false bishop suggested that Wilson not pay by installments. The officer brought the remaining money and a check in the amount of $1,200,000.00 millions of dollars. After signing the transfer of ownership, Adam Bondaruk and Nikolai Feitser immediately suggested that Albert Wilson invest the money he had just brought into the church, medical clinic, and MRI units. This is a familiar pattern to us. They promised 12% per annum and Albert Wilson succumbed. Two million dollars returned to the scammers. Moreover, Wilson’s daughter gave a million to the pyramid scheme. Needless to say, the Wilsons did not see their money return. Thus, the territory of the Slavic Missionary Church «Bethany» was stolen from Albert Wilson. The Chief Master Sergeant, who has been repaying his debt to America, has served in hot spots all around the world, from Vietnam to Germany. His wife, daughter and son have died, so he has nothing left to lose today. He was left alone and now it is the time for society to defend the American Hero! Veterans must be defended! The pyramid organizers not only returned their money, which they invested to divert eyes along with parishioners, but many pastors received bonuses for their diligence. Adam Bondaruk himself also took 20% from each person involved in the pyramid. The greed of these people have no limits. Investors’ money was withdrawn from medical offices to the construction company FEITSER CONSTRUCTION by Nikolay Feitser. This is the so-called «gasket» — a company that allows you to Money Laundering. FEITSER CONSTRUCTION won all tenders for repairs in the building of the Bethany Church. Over the past 17 years there have been at least 25 such competitions. The cost of each of them was certainly overstated, and the total amounted to almost $4,000.000.00 amount. And Nikolay Feitser built or reconstructed houses, transferred them for Adam Bondaruk, his wife and children. Well, Bondaruk himself sold them. Then in Sacramento County alone, Bondaruk`s family accounts for 286 real estate transactions. Adam Bondaruk — 52, Paul Bondaruk 46, Veniamin Bondaruk — 39, Peter Bondaruk — 25 transactions. At the same time, Peter Bondaruk, was sentenced to 6 years for fraud and money laundering in real estate.

Now, to the affairs of Nikolay Feitser. In Sacramento County, his family accounts for 1,338 real estate transactions. For the youngest son of Feitser, Paul — 460 transactions. Pay attention to the left column, the year and the number of documents indicate 2005 and 2006 as the richest in transactions! But these are the very years when defrauded investors massively gave money to MRI! The money of deceived old people and gullible parishioners migrated to the family mafia clans of Bondaruk, Feitser, and Solodko. They did not become someone else’s pension or payment for treatment or study, they became luxury cars, luxury real estate, yachts. Let’s look at the youngest son of Nikolay Feitser Pavel. It features a surgical center from which our film began when Bondaruk raised his hands and said prayers to his «God Mamon», the same medical center which never saw a single day of work and was hastily put together to create a pyramid. As the investigation continued, the evidence against the gang of honorable criminals was deliberately set on fire and after 6 days, Nikolay Feitser himself died. This happened at the end of 2019, and while the fictitious medical business was burning, its beneficiary Adam Semenovich Bondaruk tried very hard to part ways with the New Life Church. Lex Liberty talked about this in previous episodes. Having seized millions of church donations in his church, false bishop Bondaruk passionately wanted to take away the parish from pastor Vasiliy Nikitovich Vakulsky. The truth, which has managed to be conveyed to people through our investigations, was helped by the New Life Church. The truth turned out to be stronger than the entire fraternal council, who, on the orders of Bondaruk, went to war against his own pastor Vakulsky. Having lost the parishioners, he was almost forced to fight alone with the raiders and a red-hot iron to burn out the traitors. The situation is oppressive, but who started it? Our brothers brought with the help of Khomich, Bondaruk, with the help of Grinko Alexander and Kirill, Peter Opanasyuk, Leonid Pakhnyuk, brought this terrible spiritual virus to the church. By the decision of the brothers, Alexander Grinko, Kirill Grinko, Petr Opanasyuk, and Leonid Pakhnyuk, for which they were warned, put to consecration, but they did not stop, they continue their work, process people, set up against the shepherd, youth, and youth choirs. Therefore, the brothers made a decision, on the basis of holy scripture, these brothers who conceived this work in the church, who called, did not stop. To finally remove their ministry and excommunicate in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! And this spiritual virus, which was introduced to the Vakulsky church for Bondaruk, became a completely material virus. «The church senior pastor is hospitalized with the virus». Yes, Adam Semenovich Bondaruk was infected with Coronavirus. The same fate befell his wife Galina and son Paul. There, hundreds of parishioners and ten Bethany functionaries went to bed, who, according to Dr. Peter Beilenson, director of the Sacramento County Health Services, continued their meetings outside the church building. According to California authorities, Bethany has become America’s largest ecclesiastical outbreak in America. Well, in conclusion — a brief reference. Bondaruk Adam Semenovich: Born in Ukraine in a family of Pentecostal believers. He has always been two-faced — from his youth he actively collaborated with the KGB. When children of believers were not allowed to study, he graduated from high school with a gold medal. In 1961 in the city of Krivoy Rogg he was witness of the prosecution, when presbyters and deacons were tried for religious activities under Article 209 of the Ukrainian Code of Criminal Procedure. Adam Bondaruk gave such testimonies that were against the leaders of the churches, then everyone received a camp term, and two years later, in a strange way, Adam Bondaruk was promoted to the rank of presbyter! «i became a church served in the formidable sixties. In September 20, 1961, the trial started of ten brothers from 3 churches of Krivoy Rogg. About 153 Christian witnesses were interrogated. They tried to take some charges, and I ended up in court». In the seventies, when the Pentecostal struggle for religious freedom began in the USSR, Bondaruk not only approved the persecution of believers, but also, using the support of the KGB, put pressure on them. Excommunicated, forced to write letters to the authorities. But as soon as with American support, Soviet Pentecostals achieved the opportunity to immigrate, Bondaruk immediately fled. He deceived the immigration service, because he himself had never been prosecuted. In addition, he hid the criminal prosecution of Peter, his son. In America, Bondaruk cunningly led those whom he pursued and betrayed. We have already talked about this in passing. I appeal to you people, is it really such a Christianity that has lost its mind? This Kotyakov, a hoaxer, and in simple terms, fagot. Here in Sacramento, Bondaruk condoned him, he provided him with a place in the meeting where he campaigned so that they would come to Kotyakov. People, brothers! Sober up! Look who ordained you and ordains you, and what result.